Download Laboratory Software

Our lab programs are designed to reinforce the pedagogical strategy of our introductory labs. They are written in the LabVIEW programming language (from National Instruments). We encourage you to modify the programs to suit your own purposes. Five programs are available:

If you try any of this software, please let us know! Any feedback (for instance, stories about installing the programs, modifying them, and/or using them with students) could help us improve the programs and documentation.

Read the following file regarding the software: Intallers_README!


CODE ( .vi and .llb files):

You may also download executables and source-code for previous beta versions, which used the National Instruments IMAQ board (PCI-1407) for analog video capture and the Vernier ULI interface for electricity and magnetism measurements.  They have been tested with Windows NT, 98 and 2000. (Note: these are incompatible with LabVIEW 7 drivers.)

You may download PDF files of a recent version of our Laboratory Manuals.

Don't forget tell us about your experiences with the software!

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