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2005-2006 Officers
Marie Lopez del Puerto
Crystal Austin
Kisha Delain
Pearl Sandick
Jennifer Docktor

Meetings Fall 2005:

Tuesday September 13, 3:00pm, Astro Reading Room
Coffee and cookies to welcome the new women graduate students

Saturday September 24, 3:00pm, Kisha's place: BBQ!

Saturday October 22, 8:30am - 5pm, YMCA Camp St. Croix
WIPA Leadership Retreat

Thursday October 27, 4:00pm, Bordertown Coffee
Coffee with Prof. Roberta Humphreys

Wednesday November 2, Tate Lab
Physics open house. See the WIPA poster!

Thursday November 10, 2:00pm, Bordertown Coffee
Coffee with Prof. Jeanine Gregoire from Augsburg College

Thursday November 17, 6pm-9pm, MechEng 1130
IT Game Night!

Wednesday December 7, 3:30pm-4:30pm, CMU 325
Women in Leadership workshop, presented by Mary Maus Kosir, Assitant Dean and Director for the Undergraduate Program at the Carlson School of Management. Coffee at Espresso Expose afterward.

Meetings Spring 2006:

Tuesday January 31, 2:30pm, Bordertown Coffee: 1st meeting of the semester.

Wednesday February 1, 3:30pm, CMU 303: "Developing your personal leadership" workshop followed by coffee at Espresso Expose.

Friday February 17, 12:00pm, Astro Reading Room: Beth Lusczek talked about her research and her recent trip to Antartica.

Wednesday February 22, 2:30pm, Espresso Royale: Coffee with Marcia (Astronomy).

Saturday February 25, 5:00pm, Pearl's house: WIPA Potluck.

Wednesday March 8, 3:30pm, Coffman 303: "Global Leadership" workshop followed by discussion over cofee at Espresso Expose.

Thursday March 9, 3:30pm, Bordertown Coffee: Liliana Velasco Sevilla will talk about her experiences in graduate school and as a postdoc in the Theoretical Physics Institute.

Wednesday March 22, 3:30pm, Coffman 303: "Discovering the Leader Within" workshop.

Friday March 31, 4:30pm, Tate 216: Coffee with prospective women students.

Friday April 7, 3:45pm, Bordertown Coffee: Joint meeting with Mathematics graduate students.

Wednesday April 12, 3:30pm, Coffman 303: "Disability and Diversity in Leadership" workshop followed by discussion over coffee at Espresso Expose.

Friday April 21, 12pm, Coffman 324: 2nd Annual WIPA Lunch!!!

Wednesday May 3, 3:30pm, Coffman 303: "Leadership in the Business World" workshop follwed by discussion over coffee at Espresso Expose.

Wednesday May 10, 5:40pm, India Place: SDE/GWIS meeting, presentation by Prof. Beverly Smith-Keiling from Augsburg College.

There were a series of leadership workshops (http://www.sao.umn.edu/leadership/workshops.php) that we attended throughout last semester (all are held in 303 Coffman).