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WiPA Ice-cream party on the roof

Time: 4:30PM, Monday, July 30th, 2012

Location: Roof of Tate

There will be abundant treats, views of the tops of people's heads and buildings, and the roof itself will get a little makeover so it's more hospitable. Don't miss it.





WiPA Undergraduate Event: Life After Undergrad

Time: 6:15PM - 9:15 PM, Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Location: Tate Lab of Physics, 116 Church St S.E., Minneapolis, 55455 google map

Who: All undergraduate women in the metro area currently majoring in or interested in majoring in physics or related fields

If you are interested, please RSVP by September 30, 2011

The event will open with an informal dinner with current UMN female graduate students, UMN physics faculty, and metro-area female undergraduates, followed by a Q&A panel and discussions for any questions related to life after undergraduate as a physicist.






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Links (Funding and Postdocs)



Presentations and Papers by WiPA members



Survival Guide to Graduate School by three graduating students.



The greatest women in science history



AAUW "Why so few?" about Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics



Read Meg Urry's article "Diminished by discrimination we scarcely see"



American Institute of Physics statistics/reports on women in physics and astronomy




Interested in graduate school? Planning for graduate studies in Physics and related fields is a good resource from the American Association of Physics Teachers


Women In Physics And Astronomy
University of Minnesota Student Group
School of Physics and Astronomy
145 Tate Laboratory of Physics

116 Church St SE   
        Minneapolis, MN 55455-0112

2011-2012  Officers:
Ilana Percher (Coordinator)
  Chaoyun Bao
Danqing Deng
Kanika Sachdev
Pamela Vo

The Women in Physics and Astronomy (WiPA) group was established to raise awareness throughout the entire school of not only the important contributions women have made and continue to make in physics and astronomy, but also about the various mechanisms that make it difficult for women to make those contributions. Planned activities raise the visibility of women within the school and encourage interactions amongst female graduate students, faculty and/or research associates. It is hoped that the Women in Physics and Astronomy group will encourage a respectful climate for women in the school.

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