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We regularly revise laboratory manuals for the following introductory physics courses:

Links to recent versions of the lab manuals for are posted below. The Instructor's Guides that accompany the lab manuals are password-protected. Please contact the Web Master for access to the IG files. For the most up to date manuals, please contact the Laboratory Coordinator, Sean Albiston at

Students purchase one lab manual per semester in each course.  The laboratory manuals posted here were used in the 2007-2008 academic year.  They are similar to the current manuals, but different enough that students cannot avoid purchasing lab manuals by downloading these files. 

As of the Summer 2012 term, we no longer require students to purchase lab manuals. All the students are provided access to electronic versions of the problems via their course website. For these versions, go to the current lab manuals download page or contact the Laboratory Coordinator, Sean Albiston at

Archive of Lab Manuals

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Last updated on 09/24/2013