Lecture Notes in pdf format
Introduction to Kinematics
1D Kinematics
Examples 1-D kinematics
Example 2-D kinematics
Forces and Kinematics
Forces 1
Circular Motion
Force 2 - Friction
Force 3 - Varying Forces
Dynamics and Conservation
Conservation of Energy
Energy Transfer & Potential Energy
Energy Examples
Conservation of Momentum
Rotations and Energy
Rotational Dynamics
Angular Momentum
Introduction to Oscillations
Oscillation Examples

Sample Quizzes in pdf format
Sample quiz 1
Answers to Sample Quiz 1
Sample Quiz 2
Answers to Sample Quiz 2
Sample Quiz 3
Answers to Sample Quiz 3
Sample Quiz 4
Answers to Sample Quiz 4
Sample Final
Answers to Sample Final

Quiz Solutions
Solutions to Quiz 1 - Group & Individual
Group Quiz 2 Question
Group Quiz 2 Solution
Individual Quiz 2 Solutions
Group Quiz 3 Solutions
Individual Quiz 3 Solutions
Group Quiz 4 Solution
Individual Quiz 4 Solutions
Solution to Final Problems

Lecture Notes on Waves pdf format

Notes on waves