Recommended Science Fiction and Fantasy

Kelly and Laura McCullough

Here's our list of recommended F&SF. There are references down the left side:
F=Fantasy  SF=Sci-Fi  *=Unqualified Positive  /H= It's funny too  #s= series position if it matters  +=5stars

Hope you find it useful. Feel free to email us to make suggestions, comments, or to hear more about these books. Kelly and Laura McCullough

      Brin, David
*SF              Earth
+*SF           Postman, The
*SF             Startide Rising
*SF             Uplift War, The

        Bujold, Lois McMaster
+*SF/H       Warrior's Apprentice,
+*SF/H       Vor Game, The
*SF/H          Borders Of Infinity
*SF/H          Brothers In Arms

        Bull, Emma
+*F             War For The Oaks

        Card, Orson Scott
*SF             Ender's Game

        Chalker, Jack L.
F               And The Devil Will Drag You Under

        Cook, Glen
*F              Sweet Silver Blues
*F              Old Tin Sorrows
F               Bitter Gold Hearts
F               Cold Copper Tears
F               Dread Brass Shadows
F               Red Iron Nights

        Crichton, Michael
*SF            Jurassic Park

        Dean, Pamela
*F              Tam Lin

        De Lint, Charles
F                Jack The Giant Killer
*F              Moonheart
*F              Greenmantle
F                Mulengro
*SF            Svaha

        Dickson, Gordon R.
SF              Tactics Of Mistake
SF              Dorsai

        Eddings, David
*F1             Pawn Of Prophecy
*F2             Queen Of Sorcery
*F3             Magician's Gambit
*F4             Castle Of Wizardry
*F5             Enchanter's End Game

        Effinger, George Alec
SF              When Gravity Fails

        Feist, Raymond E.
+*F              Faerie Tale

        Forward, Robert L.
+*SF1          Dragon's Egg
*SF2            Starquake

        Foster, Alan Dean
SF              Tar-Aiym Krang, The
*SF            Orphan Star
SF              End Of The Matter
SF              Bloodhype
SF              Flinx In Flux

        Gibson, William
SF              Neuromancer

        Goldman, William
*F              Princess Bride

        Harrison, Harry
SF              Adventures Of The Stainless Steel Rat, The

        Hinz, Christopher
SF              Liege Killer

        Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
+*F            Thread That Binds The Bones, The

        Hughart, Barry
+*F/H          Bridge Of Birds
*F/H            Story Of The Stone, The
*F/H            Eight Skilled Gentlemen

        Kurtz, Katherine
F1                 Deryni Rising
F2                 Deryni Checkmate
F3                 High Deryni

        Lackey, Mercedes
*F               Children Of The Night
F                 Burning Water
F                 Jinx High
*F1             Magic's Pawn
*F2             Magic's Promise
*F3             Magic's Price
F1              Arrows Of The Queen
F2              Arrow's Flight
F3              Arrow's Fall

        Le Guin, Ursula
*F              A Wizard Of Earthsea

        Mc Caffrey, Anne
F1              Dragonflight
F2              Dragonquest
*F              White Dragon, The

        Mc Crumb, Sharyn (Mystery Set In Sf Community)
*F              Bimbos Of The Death Sun
F               Zombies Of The Gene Pool

        Mc Killip, Patricia
*F1            Riddle Master Of Hed, The
F2              Heir Of Sea And Fire
F3              Harpist In The Wind

        Mc Kinley, Robin
*F              Hero And The Crown, The
*F              Blue Sword, The
*F              Outlaws Of Sherwood, The
F                Deerskin

        Myers, John Myers
+*F            Silverlock

        Niven, Larry
*SF            Ringworld
+*SF          Protector
SF              Tales Of Known Space
SF              All The Myriad Ways
SF              Neutron Star
SF              A Hole In Space
*SF            A Gift From Earth

        Norton, Andre
SF              Beast Master, The
SF              Lord Of Thunder

        Piper, H. Beam
SF              Empire
SF              Federation
*SF            First Cycle
*SF            Four Day Planet And Lone Star Planet
SF              Paratime
SF              Lord Kalvin Of Otherwhen
SF              Space Viking
*SF            Uller Uprising

Powers, Tim

+*F            The Stress Of Her Regard
*F               The Drawing Of The Dark
*F               On Stranger Tides
+*F             The Anubis Gates
*SF             Expiration Date
+*F             Last Call

        Pratchett, Terry
*F/H           Colour Of Magic, The
+*F/H         Light Fantastic, The
F/H             Sourcery
F/H             Guards Guards
F/H             Pyramids
+*F/H         Good Omens
+*F/H         Small Gods
F/H             Johnny And The Dead
F/H             Interesting Times

        Rowley, Christopher
F               Bazil Broketail

        Saberhagen, Fred
*F              An Old Friend Of The Family
F               Thorn

        Sawyer, Robert J.
+*SF           Far-Seer
*SF             Fossil Hunter
*SF             Foreigner

        Shelley, Rick
F                 Varayan Memoir 1, Son Of The Hero

        Stephenson, Neal
+*SF/H      Snowcrash
+*SF/H      Zodiac
SF               Interface (writing as Stephen Bury)

        Stirling, S.M.
SF              Marching Through Georgia

        Tolkien, J.R.R.
*F             Hobbit, The
F               Fellowship of the Ring
F               Two Towers, The
F               Return of the King

        Vinge, Vernor
+*SF          A Fire Upon The Deep
SF              The Peace War Trilogy

        Watt-Evans, Lawrence
*F              Misenchanted Sword, The

        Weber, David
+*SF1          On Basilisk Station
+*SF2          Honor Of The Queen
+*SF3          The Short Victorious War
*SF4            Field Of Dishonor
*SF5            Flag in Exile
*SF6            Honor among Enemies

        Willey, Elizabeth
*F              Well Favored Man, The

        Wells, Martha
+*F             The Element Of Fire

        Yolen, Jane
*F              Briar Rose

        Zelazny, Roger
F1              Nine Princes in Amber
F2              Guns of Avalon, The
F3              Sign of the Unicorn
F4              Hand of Oberon, The
F5              Courts of Chaos, The
*F              Madwand
F               Changing Land, The
*F              Doorways in the Sand
*F              Last Defender of Camelot, The
F               This Immortal

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