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Selected Publications: Dahlberg Group

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  • T. Gredig, I. N. Krivorotov, P. Eames, and E. D. Dahlberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 81 1270 (2002).
    "Unidirectional coercivity enhancement in exchange-biased Co/CoO"

  • P. Eames and E. D. Dahlberg, J.Appl.Phys. 91 7986 (2002).
    "Characterization of domain states in submicron sized permalloy particles with perpendicular anisotropy"

  • W.-T. Lee, S. G. E. te Velthuis, G. P. Felcher, F. Klose, T. Gredig, and E. D. Dahlberg, Phys. Rev. B 65 224417 (2002).
    "Ferromagnetic domain distribution in thin films during magnetization reversal"

  • I. N. Krivorotov, T. Gredig, K. R. Nikolaev, A. M. Goldman, and E. Dan Dahlberg, Phys. Rev. B 65, 180406 (2002).
    "Role of magnetic aftereffect in coercivity enhancement of Co/CoO bilayers"

  • I. N. Krivorotov, C. Leighton, J. Nogues, I. K. Schuller, E. D. Dahlberg, Phys. Rev. B 65 100402 (2002).
    "Relation between exchange anisotropy and magnetization reversal asymmetry in Fe/MnF/sub 2/ bilayers."

  • A. W. Rushforth, P. C. Main, B. L. Gallagher, C. H. Marrows, B. J. Hickey, E. D. Dahlberg, P. Eames, J.Appl.Phys. 89 7534 (2001).
    "Magnetic force microscopy studies of the domain structure of Co/Pd multilayers in a magnetic field"

  • I. N. Krivorotov, K. R. Nikolaev, A. Y. Dobin, A. M. Goldman, E. D. Dahlberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 5779 (2001).
    "Exchange field induced magnetoresistance in colossal magnetoresistance manganites."

  • K. R. Nikolaev, I. N. Krivorotov, W. K. Cooley, A. Bhattaoharya, E. D. Dahlberg, A. M. Goldman, Appl. Phys. Lett. 76 478 (2000).
    "Exchange-biased La/sub 2/3/Ca/sub 1/3/(Sr/sub 1/3/)MnO/sub 3/ ultrathin films."

  • G. D. Skidmore, E. D. Dahlberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 71 3293 (1997).
    "Improved spatial resolution in magnetic force microscopy."

  • T. J. Moran, E. D. Dahlberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 70 1894 (1997).
    "Magnetoresistive sensor for weak magnetic fields."

  • B. H. Miller, E. D. Dahlberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 69 3932 (1996).
    "Use of the anisotropic magnetoresistance to measure exchange anisotropy in Co/CoO bilayers."

  • R. B. Proksch, T. E. Schaffer, B. M. Moskowitz, E. D. Dahlberg, D. A. Bazylinski, R. B. Frankel, Appl. Phys. Lett. 66 2582 (1995).
    "Magnetic force microscopy of the submicron magnetic assembly in a magnetotactic bacterium."

  • E. D. Dahlberg, J. G. Zhu, Physics Today, April, 35 (1995).
    "Micromagnetic Microscopy and Modeling"

  • R. Proksch, E. D. Dahlberg, Review of Scientific Instruments 64 912 (1993).
    "A detection technique for scanning force microscopy."

  • J. M. Florczak, E. D. Dahlberg, Phys. Rev. B 44 9338 (1991).
    "Magnetization reversal in (100) Fe thin films."

  • K. T. Riggs, E. D. Dahlberg, G. A. Prinz, Phys. Rev. B 41 7088 (1990).
    "First-order magnetic-field-induced phase transition in epitaxial iron films studied by magnetoresistance."

  • Y. Chen, E. D. Dahlberg, M. Shur, A. Akinwande, Appl. Phys. Lett. 56 2028 (1990).
    "Effect of a magnetic field on the gate current in heterostructure field-effect transistors."

  • K. Rao, E. D. Dahlberg, A. M. Goldman, L. E. Toth, C. Umbach, Phys. Rev. Lett. 44 98 (1980).
    "Thermodynamic and resistive transitions of thin superconducting films."

  • K. Epstein, E. D. Dahlberg, A. M. Goldman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 43 1889 (1979).
    "Superconductivity and the metal-nonmetal transition in Hg-Xe films."

  • E. D. Dahlberg, M. Hardiman, R. Orbach, J. Souletie, Phys. Rev. Lett. 42 401 (1979).
    "High-frequency AC susceptibility and ESR of a spin-glass."

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