About Us
VukProf. Vuk Mandic is an Associate Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota. His research includes searches for the stochastic background of gravitational waves, sources of such a background, development of gravitational-wave detectors, and searches for dark matter.
GwynneDr. S. Gwynne Crowder is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota whose work focuses on searching for a stochastic gravitational-wave background from both isotropic and anisotropic sources. Her research interests include gravitational waves, astrophysics, cosmology, and X-rays from within the Milky Way galaxy. She enjoys sharing the excitement of science with the general public.
TannerTanner Prestegard is a graduate student whose research focuses on detecting long-lasting gravitational-wave transients. He is also part of an effort to characterize underground seismic noise in the Homestake Mine in order to better understand its effect on gravitational-wave detectors.
PatrickPatrick Meyers is a graduate student whose work centers around searches for a stochastic gravitaitonal-wave background; typically focusing on searches for anisotropic sources. He also works on understanding sources of noise in GW detectors — both in the LIGO detector characterization group and understanding seismic noise at the Homestake mine.
SharanSharan Banagiri is a graduate student currently studying very long gravitational wave transients. His work focuses on analyzing Advanced LIGO data to detect such transients.
KyleKyle Crocker is an undergraduate student studying the stochastic gravitational wave background due to full stellar core collapse. In particular, he is currently checking the validity of preliminary results regarding the accessibility of this background to advanced LIGO detectors.
LeviLevi Walls is an undergraduate student in his junior year at the University of Minnesota pursuing a dual degree in Astrophysics and Mathematics. His work revolves around the suppression of seismic noise in interferometric gravitational wave detectors. In the past, he has studied the minimization of aliasing effects in simulated seismic environments. Currently, he is investigating the effects that the local geology of the Homestake Mine (in Lead, SD) has on the propagation of various seismic waves throughout.


Shivaraj Kandhasamy: graduate student from 2007 - 2013. Now a postdoc at the University of Mississippi

Eric Thrane: postdoc from 2008 - 2012. Now a Lecturer at Monash University.

Jan Harms: postdoc from 2008 - 2010. Now has a Marie Curie fellowship at INFN.