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Beginning Fall 2007, the History of Science and Technology(HST) graduate program
merged with the History of Medicine (HMed) graduate program to form a new graduate
program in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine (HSTM).

NOTICE: Tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor position available in History of Physical Sciences

quad.jpg (33562 bytes) The History of Science and Technology is a dynamic interdisciplinary field of scholarship that studies the development of science and technology in their broader cultural context. The field is growing rapidly as people realize that science and technology are themselves among the most important cultural phenomena of the modern age. The Program in the History of Science and Technology at the University of Minnesota ranks among the country's best. It offers both M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, with comprehensive opportunities for advanced research and study in history of the physical sciences, the biological sciences, and technology. Within these areas, students are encouraged to make use of the perspectives and methods of intellectual, institutional, social, economic, and cultural history.

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